Friday, June 18, 2010

Training For your Recreational Sport!!!!

Living in Jackson everyone loves to participate in some type of recreational activity whether it is skiing, biking, hiking, running, climbing or horseback riding you can always get stronger for that sport. There are so many easy workouts that you can do, whether it is in your home, outside or in a gym. Just an hour a week and you will already feel better doing your recreational activity and decrease your chances for injury. When you only do that particular sport your body compensates for that particular movement that you are doing. This a lot of times can lead to injury, because certain stabilizer and balance muscles become neglected. So if you can train to equal those muscles your chance of injury can be reduced. A lot of people also are weekend warriors, which means they only exercise or do some type of activity on the weekend. If you can just train at least an hour a week then it will make that activity even that more enjoyable because you will be overall a lot stronger. There are so many great resources out there for help with this, which are affordable and fun. I offer a fun class once a week that is intense and gives you what you need to help you to get strong for your activity. This is not in your typical gym setting and is outside in the summer. A lot of places offer similar types of exercise.