Monday, March 28, 2011

Benefits of Sport Specific Training

Even if you are not a professional athlete there are still very large benefits to training sports specifically. Whether you have goals of being a better hiker, climber, biker training for that can help a ton! Just 2 hours a week can really help with imbalances and strengthening, I have noticed that a lot of people get really excited about ski fitness in a resort town. This really helps the person get ready and psyched for ski season, but when it comes to the summer sports a lot of people do not realize hoe the sports specific training can help. Most people that partake in that style of a class really enjoy spring and summer activities as well and everyone could benefit from sport specific training. When a person only does the sport the body gets really used to the same movement and muscle imbalances and weaknesses can occur. This can lead to an injury or constant compensation with dominate muscles. Doing some type of specialized training can correct that and also make that sport or recreational activity better. Also classes or the one on one training are great for a person that works most of the day and can only get outside on the weekends!

I have noticed differences in training for my skiing versus just skiing for my skiing! I have come to correct a lot of my different imbalances that I have from injury. I also feel a lot more mentally and physically confident in my sport. Also I never realized how fun it could be to train with other people and push each other!! Always being a trainer and coach I knew it was important, but never realized how much I needed help to!!