Friday, May 25, 2012

Bike Training Week 4 !

I have missed posts the last 2 weeks due to my injury on a bike! So here we are week 4 and with only one week of mountain, downhill and cycling class to go! This week I really started to notice the strength differences in all the athletes, everyone is really starting gain more strength in the shoulders, core, legs and low back. Day one this week we focused on strength working on low back, power and shoulder and upper back strength. It is amazing how tight all of us get through our front body from all of our sports and daily work. Day 2 we did some endurance and interval training, this is where I really noticed a change in everyones endurance and ability to push themselves for longer periods of time.
Kelsey doing cleans

Day 1


3 rounds

200m run
10x OHS
3x shoulder dislocate
Kathy doing hippity hops! Great for pedal power!

6 rounds

10x lateral raise w/twist
10x sit-ups
quad stretch

6 rounds

6x deadlift
6x push press
downward dog

6 rounds

6x hang clean
10x borad jumps
hs stretch

Jane fonda

Day 2

100 step-ups/ladder drill

5 rounds 20 sec work 10 sec rest

swings, situps, pushups, squat jumps

30 20 10

sprints, rows, back extension, goblet squat, touch jump touch

3 rounds

10x wtd situp
10x russian twist
20/20 side plank

40x flutter kick

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mountain bike, Cycling and Downhill fitness week 1!

This week was the first week of bike fitness and we did one day of strength and one day of work capacity.Tuesday we focused on strength and the main  lift that we focuses on was front squats. I recorded everyones weight and at the end of the 10 sessions we will track the progress. The front squat is very core intensive and important in quad, low back and hamstring strength. On thursday I had a test that measured strength and endurance in relation to cardio base, power and pedal strength. The test took about 10 to 15 minutes and was done as fast as possible, again we will retest this at the end of the month.

Kathy doing Hippity Hops!

Day 1

w.u. 5 minutes sand bad get-ups

6 rounds

4x front squat
10xea side kick
pigeon stretch

6 rounds

8xea rows
10x shrugs
3 x shoulder dislocate

6 rounds

8x clean
8x swings
straddle stretch

Jane Fonda 45 sec

Day 2

w.u. Agility ladder and Turkish getups 5 min each

Rachel working on her front squat
6 RFT (rounds for time)

10x hippity hops
3x ea sand bag cleans
6x weighted sit-ups
run 100m

10 min as many rounds as possible

8x swings
4x inchworm
6x touch jump touch
6x push press

3 rounds

20/20/20 low back complex
10x bird dog
10x IOs

20x heels to sky