Monday, November 22, 2010

Power and Core

Today we focused a bit on power doing some clean squats with the kettlebells, the agility ladder, we then moved into leg blasters which we have been training the last 6 weeks. This is one of my favorite exercises and I notice it the most in my skiing. Eccentric training I believe is some of the best type of training for skiing because it really accnetuates the real ski or snowboard turn. Anything done eccentrically will really help with the top to bottom runs and not feeling the burn as much and being stronger through the entire turn. We ended with some core strengthening exercises at the end.

ladder drills
ex. every foot, lateral foot, single leg hop, double leg hop and grapevine

10 to 1

swings, long jump and walking lunges

Full Leg Blasters
20 squats
20 lunges
20 fast lunges
10 squat jumps

Stations 1 min 30 sec

Scotty bobs- push-up with row
Skier twist with stability ball
Bosu ball tilt
Mr. Spectacular- clean, press push-up
Skier hops

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jane Fonda and Core

Today was the first day back after a week off, so I still wanted to ramp up the intensity, but cater toward some of the new people I had in class. We did the Jane Fonda, which is a great gluteal workout and really works the stabilizer muscles in the butt! I also tried to do a little more direct core through stations and at the end of class. We also continued to work eccentrically through top to bottom squats.

step-ups 7 minutes 20-40lbs (pack)
10 to 1 box jump, burpees and swings

1 min 30 sec/ 6 stations

1. turkish get-ups 45 sec each side
2. single leg touch on bosu ball. 45 sec each.
3. pike on stability ball
4. clean and squat kettle bell. 12-16kg 45 sec each arm
5. sled push
6. plank up/downs 45 sec each arm

Top to bottom squats
20 sec fast squating
20 sec hold tuck position

repeat with no rest 8 times, 6 for newbies

Jane Fonda 45 sec each thing (lay on side) do both sides
strait leg behind other toe down go up and down.
knee to chest (keep knee high)
butt kick, knee high


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Strength and Balance

Today we focused a little more on strength and balance. We started with the Barbell complex which is a great way to warm-up and get the muscles firing properly. We then did some squat cleans, which really helps the person get the quickness from a clean to a squat position. This is a great training tool for snowboarding and skiing because it helps you transition the quick movement to the skis or snowboards. For example transitioning through the turn from ski to ski, squat cleans will help train this. We then did some single leg squats with Bosu ball and Stability ball. This helps work the stabilizer muscles that we use more in skiing and snowboarding when trying to balance. This makes all the muscles of the quads, hamstrings and glutes fire to stabilize.


Barbell complex 4 rounds 6 of everything

hang cleans
front squat
push press
back squat


Hang clean to squat 6 rounds, 6 reps
Group A- bench press, burpees, clean and press with kettelbells 4 rounds 8 reps
Group B- Bosu single leg squat 15 each leg, Stability ball single leg squat 15 each, Hamstring curls 10, bounds 30 ( touching down each time) 2 rounds

Then groups switched.