Friday, January 20, 2012

Work Capacity and recovery!!

This week the workouts included back to back work capacity sessions to help with faster recovery and mental toughness. It has been really rewarding to see all the athletes continue to progress and maintain base fitness. It is so important especially during the ski season to maintain functional movement to prevent injury and stay strong for winter activities!

Day 1

w.u. 10 min agility ladder

AMRAP 10 min

8x sandbag clean and run
30x jump rope
10x WTD sit-up
8x swing

5 rounds for time

6x hang clean
6x shuffle
10x hippity hops
6x burpees

3 rounds

10x sbag half moon
10x kneeling slasher
8x ea single leg squat
10x deadbug

Day 2

w.u. 5 min sbag get-ups

10 min

4x sandbag run
30x step-ups
30x high knees
20x bounds

2 rounds

1 min jump lunge
1 min kbell clean and press
1 min sled push
1 min pike

10 rounds


2 rounds

jane fonda