Friday, June 17, 2011

Work Capacity and Strength

Today we continued sport specific maintenance training. I started the class with strength and we ended with a 10 minute work capacity session. This helps keep the athletes card bas while maintaining their strength. I focused a lot on shoulder work, low back and power. We finished with some running, core and explosive movements in short period with no rest.

Warm-up: 25 Turkish get-ups on each side

4 rounds

6x deadliest (increase wt )

10 x bounds

pigeon stretch

4 rounds

6x overhead squat w/barbell

6x snatch w/barbell

10x sit-ups

4 rounds

12x KB floor press

3x clapping push-ups

shoulder stretch

3 rounds for time

6x russian twist

6x touch jump touch

20x mt climbers

200 m run


Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Importance of Cross Training

Living in Jackson most people are extremely active and enjoy a variety of different recreational activities from cycling and running, to climbing and mt. biking. Participating in these activities is great for your body and also a lot of fun. Practicing these sports alone can cause your body to become imbalanced, weak in certain muscles, and misaligned. That is why i recommend at least one to two days of cross training.

Training sport specifically in a gym helps with balance, muscle imbalance, strength and mental toughness. When training in a controlled environment the person is able to work on different weaknesses that they have in their cycling for example. I coached a 6 week progressive women's cycling specific course and all the women reported an increase of strength in their cycling. See some previous posts to understand some of the workouts. Some other areas of improvement included less shoulder soreness, stronger pedal stroke and little or no back pain over 50 plus miles of riding. Cross Training can also be a great way to learn about your body and how it functions while increasing your overall fitness for your preferred activity or sport.