Friday, May 20, 2011

Baja Beach Bootcamp with the Ladies!!!!

The ladies: Ashley Magnuson, Hannah Horigan, Hannah Whitney,Pip Hunt
Crystal-Rose Lee

I am in Mexico on vacation with 5 awesome ladies that I compete in freeskiing events with. I convinced them to join me on the beach for bootcamp at 730 this morning. The temperature is perfect in the morning for exercise and the ocean is about 75 degrees and perfect for a little swim after. We did a 45 minute workout consisting of work capacity, strength and durability. All a person needs for this workout is a towel and a beach!!

Warm-up: 10 to 1

Touch Jump Touch
Air squats

4 rounds

Full leg blasters
- 20 fast squats
- 20 lunges
- 20 jump lunges
-10 jump squats

6x Jingle Jangles
10x Plank Walk-ups

4 rounds

10x ea Single Leg Touch Down
50x ea Glute Raises
25x ea Donkey Kick
20x Up with a Twist (core)

Stretch and Swim in the Ocean!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cycling Specific Classes

Two weeks ago I started a cycling specific class for women, it has been fun and great for my coaching because the women are very athletic and hard workers, but have a lot of muscle imbalances. I have been working with them to equal out their hamstrings, quads, endurance and power and lastly focusing a lot on core. When cycling a lot certain muscles do all the work and muscles such as the hamstrings, abdominals and shoulders become neglected and weak. The ladies are doing a 6 week progressive and intense cross training program specific to biking. It has been really rewarding to see how strong the women have become only after 2 weeks. The training has been a mix of strength training and work capacity. Here is an example of one of the workouts from last week.

Warm-up: Sandbag get-up 10 min

1. 4 rounds
6xs push press
10xs weighted sit-up
shoulder stretch

2. 4 rounds
6x single leg deadlift
20x each calf raises
instep stretch

3. 4 rounds
10x box jump
10 each single leg touch
run 200 m
10x russian twist

4. 2 rounds
20xs belly blasters
20xs up with a twist