Monday, April 11, 2011

Sport Specific Training Week 1!

This past week was the first week in sports specific training getting everyone ready for the summer sports. We did one day of work capacity and one day of strength. The work capacity session was meant to focus on anaerobic power and mental fitness. The heart rate was elevated and then the athlete had to keep it at that level for an extended period of time. This helps for biking, hiking, climbing, running with being able to continue up that steep hill at a steady pace without having to take a break. This also makes it easier to do these sports and feel better while participating. Here is our work capacity workout:

Warm-up: Dumbell Complex Do this 3 times.
a. RDL 10xs
b. Hang squat clean 10xs
c. Hang squat clean, thrust 10xs
d. Scotty Bobs 6xs
e. Sit-ups 6xs

Rounds for time 8 minutes
a. Curtis Ps- hang clean, lunge, lunge, push press

10 to 1
jingle jangles, box drill, bosu side hop, swings and box jump

Abdominals (plank position on hands)
knees to elbows 10xs
leg up 10xs
side angle 10xs
superman 10xs