Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ski/Snowboard week 4

This week on Day 1 we focused on some strength mixed with some suicide sprints at the end to work on recovery. Day 2 we added some upper body and increased the leg blasters and continued with skier hops. This week I could tell a major difference in how the athletes were moving and how much stronger their core and recovery was. It has been a awesome coaching and helping so many different people and seeing them all get stronger in different ways not only physically, but mentally. I am learning a lot about different muscle imbalances and how so many people are so different. It has been really rewarding.

Day 1

warm-up 7 min step-ups/ 3 x Barbell Complex

4 rounds

5x front squat
30x jump rope
3 x ride it down

4 rounds

6x ea sandbag clean
10x squat jump
3x shoulder dislocate

10 rounds 1 every 45 sec

3x burpees
suicide sprint

2 rounds

20/20 side bridge
10x ea single arm crunch
20x back extension
20x russian twist

Day 2

warm-up 5 min turkish getups/5 min sandbag get-ups

6 rounds

20 sec push press
20 sec swing

6 mini leg blasters 30 sec rest

10 squats
10 alt lunges
10 jump lunges
5 jump squats

2 full leg blaster

20 squat
20 alt lunges
20 jump lunges
10 squat jumps

3 rounds

30 sec hop/30 sec hold/15 sec rest skier hops

3 rounds

30/30/15 hop over sandbag

2 rounds
45 sec jane fonda

Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 3 Day 2 leg blasters and skier hops!!

Today we did all body weight exercises and only used weights for turkish get-ups. It is pretty amazing how hard you can work the body with just simple body weight exercises. This was the toughest class yet and involved a lot of mental strength to get through all the sets. We did some skier hops mixed with touch jump touch and hippity hops. All three of these exercises are very leg intensive and involve sprinting through the exercises. We progressed the leg blasters also this week, graduating to our first full leg blasters. I am glad everyone has the weekend to recover!

Warm-up 20 Turkish get-ups each

6 rounds

20/20 sec plank to sit-up

2 rounds

mini leg blasters

10x squats

10x alternating lunges

10x jump lunges

5x squat jumps

4 rounds

full leg blaster

20x squats

20x alternating lunges

20x jump lunges

10x squat jumps

4 rounds

skier hops

30 sec hop/ 30 sec hold/ 15 sec rest

4 rounds

Touch Jump touch or Hippity Hops

30 sec/ 30 sec hold/ 15 sec rest

jane fonda 45 sec

Week 3 Day 1 Strength and Work Capacity

Today we focused on strength with a 10 minute work capacity at the end. We warmed up with a 10 to 1 to get the core and legs warm. I focused a little on blance with some single leg touch downs which I think are very important for working each leg independently of the other trying not to allow compensations. The class ended with an intense 10 minute work capacity.

Warm-up 10 to 1

Goblet squats, push-ups, squat jumps and sit-ups

4 rounds

4x Curtis Ps

30x Mt Climbers

straddle stretch

4 rounds

8x ea single leg touch down

6x box jump

10x sit-ups

4 rounds

10x tricep ext

20x belly blasters

upward dog

2 rounds

1 min sled drag

1 min Bosu squat jump

1 min jump rope

1 min pike

1min jingle jangles

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 2 done!!

The second class this week we focused more on strength and power. We increased our leg blasters to 10 minis from 6 mini leg blasters. The human body is pretty amazing in its ability to gain strength very quickly through training. Week 2 is done and I already see big differences in all the athletes mentally and physically.

Warm-up 25 20 15 10
Swings, single arm clean ( cut number in half), goblet squats, sit-ups

6 rounds

4 x push- press
6 xea lateral box jump
3x shoulder dislocate

6 rounds

4 x kbell clean and squat
20 x each single leg hop

10 rounds

Mini leg blaster
10x fast squats
10x alternating lunges
10 x jump lunges
5x squat jumps

2 rounds

40x glute leg lift
20x donkey kick

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ski Fitness Work Capacity Progression Test

This week I administered a work capacity test to all the ski fitness athletes.I combined strength, core, and endurance exercises into a short test that took people anywhere from 11 minutes to 17 minutes to complete. Everyone did very well for only their 3rd class, having to sprint through sandbag get-ups, pushups, hippity hops and weighted sit-ups. This test was very core intensive, so many muscles insert into the abdominal area and it is so important to keep all the muscles around there strong.
In order to track the athletes progression in the next 5 weeks I am going to retest them in four weeks. This test will really help them see the strength gains in their core, hip, shoulders and legs. This test works well for training mental strength and confidence as well. I want people to leave class feeling not only physically fit, but mentally ready for skiing or snowboarding.

5 min step-ups w 25lb pack
5 min ladder agility

Work Capacity Test

8 rounds for time

10x Hippity hops
3x ea SBGU
6x Push-ups
8x WTD sit-ups

10 minutes

10x Swings
20x High knees
10x KB clean
20x Russian twist


Friday, October 7, 2011

The Importance of Ski and Snowboard Fitness

Staying fit and cross training for all sports has always been very important for injury prevention, durability, and mental fitness. Right now I am starting my ski/snowboard fitness classes that always seem to be popular in a ski town. This type of class is so important for preventing injury through the season and within the first few weeks of the season. Skiing and snowboarding are both very hard on knees, hips and backs. Strethening your core, quads and hips really help in preventing injury to those parts of the body. Being able to make top to bottom runs without feeling too much fatigue on the first day of the season is also a great feeling. Ski conditioning classes are also a lot of fun and something to do in when the weather starts to turn. It also trains quickness and agility which can also help improve your skiing or riding ability. This first week class starts with a slow progression of leg blasters, core and anaerobic work.

Warmup- 5 min turkish getups/5 min sand bag getups

2 rounds

1 min square drill
1 min sled push
1 min ball slam
1 min lateral box
1 min jump rope
1 min bosu burpee
1 min dbell crawl
1 min swings
2 min rest

4 rounds

Mini leg blaster
10 x plank walkups
15 sec rest

4 rounds

20 x deadbug
45 sec plank
10 x ea russian twist
20 x opp arm leg