Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work Capacity and Stabilization

Today we focused mainly on work capacity training and stabilization. Half of the class did the work capacity part while the other half did the mobility complex. Work capacity is very hard because you do 10-15 minutes of continual work with no rest. This really gets the energy systems working and is good for you to push yourself mentally to keep moving through everything. The mobility complex is great you work on back, leg and core stabilization. Really works the entire body.

7 minutes step-ups
7 minutes of shuffle, grapevine, inchworm, broad jump, high knees and side high knees


5 rounds with no rest!
8 box jumps
8 body builder explosive push-ups
8 sit-ups with a plate
20 touch jump touch

Mobility Complex 2 rounds

swings 10xs
goblet squat 10xs
swing to squat 10xs
slashers 10xs
clean and squat 5 each
clean, squat and power up 5 each
clean, power up and then squat 5 each
clean, squat, press and then stand.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Strength and Ski/Snowboard Specific

Today we warmed up with a 10 to 1 strength workout that included squat jumps, deadlifts with kettelbells and clean, squat and press with kettelbells. Today was the first day that I had everyone bring in their skis or snowboards. It worked really well to get everyone back in their ski gear and feel their skis and snowboards on their feet. I think doing sandbag ski/snowboard hops really helps to start to feel your skis and work on quickness and power in your actual gear. It also really helps train anaerobic systems through quick intervals. Also this is low impact and does not hurt your knees which is great.

warm-up 10 to 1

Kettelbell deadlifts
Squat Jumps
Clean, squat and press


Barbell complex- 6 of everything 7 minutes
front squat
push press
back squat

Stations 7 minutes
push-up with row
sandbag half moons

Skier/snowboarder hops
6 rounds 30 sec/ 30 sec hold/ 15 sec rest

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Agility and Power

Today we started with the agility ladder which is great for getting you quicker on your feet for skiing/snowboarding, it also helps with coordination. We also warmed up with sandbag getups which is great for core and getting your hips and legs warm for the workout. Power is one of the most important elements to train for skiing/snowboarding because we spend a lot of our time in the crouched position, which puts a lot of strain on our knees and back. If we train to be explosive we can move through the turn and be able to powerfully move down the hill. This helps all abilities of skiing and snowboarding for the beginner or intermediate it will make the sport more enjoyable and decrease your chance of injury. For the expert or professionals it will make them stronger in their sport and increase their performance.

Warm-up: 7 minutes sandbag get-ups, 7 minutes of agility ladder

3 stations 2 minutes

1. Ankles to bar (working core)
2. sprint back and forth (endurance and power)
3. single leg squats ( being able to stand up from crouched postion)

8 stations 1 min each (quick)

1. Bosu box jump
2. Reg box jump
3. Stability ball transfer hands to feet
4. Sled Push
5. Swings 12kg to 16kg kettel bell
6. Skier hop
7. Clean, power up to push-up 8-12kg kettel bell
8. Clean and press 8-12kg kettel bell

Leg Blasters full 2 rounds 30 sec break
20 squats
20 lunges
20 fast lunges
10 jump squats

mini leg blasters 3 rounds 15 sec break
10 squats
10 lunges
10 fast lunges
5 jump squats


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Power, Core and Flexibility

Today we focused more on power, core and flexibility. We warmed up with burpees, swings and sit-ups with a plate. Burpees and swings involve a ton of power and core work. The sit-ups involve basic core strength. The ability to be able to not use your upper body and really use your core lower body to project the weight. We then did seven stations with a mix of core, agility and power. Then we did an exercise that I have been doing lately that I feel really helps for skiing and snowboarding because it gets the lateral movement and the upward force that you need to be able to generate on the hill. We ended with 15 minutes of Yoga to losen up the muscles that worked really hard during the workout. I think flexibility is very important in skiing, because you need to be able to bend certain ways if you take a crash.

Warmp-up: 10 to 1 start with 10 of everything and then go all the way through until you get to one. Should take about 10 min
Sit-ups with weight

Stations 1 min 30 sec
a. crawl with 10-15lbs
b. bosu balance
c. transfer hands to feet with stability ball
d. ball throw catch on first bounce 20lb ball
e. dot drill
f. side crunch
g. squat jumps

Touch/ jump /touch- do that and then two shuffles then back the other way. staying in good squat form. Then hold in tuck for 20 secs then 20 sec rest. 6 rounds.

15 minutes of Yoga or stretching

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Strength and Stability

Today we mainly focused on strength by using stabilizer muscles. In skiing there are so many muscles that you use that you might not even realize. Certain muscles in your abdominals, shoulders legs and glutes are all used that are not necessary large muscles. At the end we did some top to bottom squats that really work on getting the lactic acid in and out of the legs. Also this will help prevent injury because your muscles are used to fatiguing more often and are able to deal with the extra stress.

Warm-up: 10 minutes step-ups with 30lb pack, 10 minutes of barbell complex.
Barbell complex- 6 reps of deadlifts, rows, hang clean, front squat, push press, back squat and push-ups.

Mobility Complex with kettelbell
swings 10xs
goblet squat 10xs
swing to catch 10xs
slasher 10xs
clean and squat 5 each arm
clean, squat and then power up
clean, power up and then squat
clean and squat, press, then stand

do this 2 times

Top to bottom squat 20 sec fast squat 10 sec hold. repeat this 6 times then rest one minute and repeat another 6 times.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Work Capacity and Core

Tuesday we focused mainly on work capacity and some basic core exercises. Work capacity is the bodies ability to perform work at different intensities and for different durations. So the class did about 20 minutes of continual exercises with no break. We did this for time, so the class really had to push themselves out of their comfort zone and transition from anaerobic to aerobic exercise at different times. This is great for continual nonstop runs and also being able to push yourself longer mentally as well. Core I believe is the most important part to skiing because it keeps everything tied together. The turn will be a lot more powerful with a strong core. Also this protects your back and knees, the more stable your core is the more powerful you will be as a skier!

Warm-up: moonflowers, sunflowers, knee hugs, butt kicks 1min, high knees 1 min, bounds 1min, strait leg touch 10 each leg.

workout: run 200 m, mini leg blasters, 30 sec each side plank. for time. 6 rounds

Core Stations

a. back extension

b. stability ball pike

c. bosu crunch

d. elevated plank

e. bridge 30 sec each leg

f. ankles to bar

g. scissors

h. belly blasters

i. side crunch

j. single arm crunch 4 lb. kg.

1min 30 wall sit do this 2 times.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Balance and Strength

On thursday we focused more on balance and added a little bit of strength. I increased the intensity just a little, since the class had more recovery time over the weekend. Balance training I think is so important for skiing and snowboarding because you constantly need to be balanced over your skis or snowboard. You need to be ready for that pump or the change in terrain. Also especially for skiing you need to be equally balanced and strong on both legs, because a lot of times you find yourself only on one leg when making a recovery or in transition. This is the workout we did during the second class of a 12 week period.


6 minute sandbag getup

6 minute step-ups


1. 3 turkish get-ups on each side then 6 burpees

repeated this 5 times

2. Stations 1 min and 30 sec.

a. Jumping up and landing on Bosu in tuck

b. single leg touch down 8 lbs 45 sec each

c. med ball wood chop 45 sec each

d. back leg on bench single leg squat no weight 45 sec each

e. dot drill

f. skier hops 45 sec each

g. Dumbell crawl 10-15lbs

3. leg blaster

a. 20 fast squats

b. 20 lunges

c. 20 fast jump lunges lunges

d. 10 jump squats

4. 20 dips

do this 3 times.

Always stretch!!!!