Friday, November 16, 2012


Day 9
Epo deadlifts

W.U. Ladder / 25-20-15-10 of KB goblet squat, swings, bounds

5x deadlift
5x inchworm
10x sit-up

4x Mr. Spec
10x each side crunch
instep stretch

20 sec work 10 sec rest
KB sumo lift, Bounds, Burpees, ball slam

40x flutter kicks
20x bird dog
10x deadbug
10x plank walk-ups

Day 10

W.U. 3 ROUNDS of 10x goblet squat, 10x sit-ups, 10x jump squat

20x hippity hops
6x push-ups
3x each SBGU
8x wtd sit-ups

2) 4 ROUNDS FULL LEG BLASTERS ( 20, 20, 20, 10 )
4 ROUNDS MINI LEG BLASTERS  ( 10, 10, 10, 5 )

low back lunge 20/20
hamstring hell 25x each
Leg blasters and measurement re-test!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paul Velte recounts his first Triathlon!

I recently just competed in my first trail triathlon.  I have wanted to compete in an endurance race for a couple of years now and finally had some motivation to do it.  The course consisted of a mile swim in open water, followed by an 18-mile mountain bike ride with 3500 feet of elevation gain, and finishing with a 6-mile trail run.  
My training for this race was kind of a mess.  I had no real training regiment.  I made sure that I did some sort of aerobic activity 4 to 5 days a week.  I would also mix strength training 2 to 3 days a week.  At the beginning of my training I was doing single activity days that would consist of either swimming 1 mile, running any where between 3 and 6 miles, and mountain bike riding between 10 and 20 miles.  As I progressed I concentrated on trying to do multiple workouts in a day.  Some of these days would include a 15-mile bike ride and a 6-mile run, or a mile swim with a six mile run.  Some days I would swim in the morning and then do strength training in the evening.  During the peak of my training I mixed in some really long 17 to 23 mile mountain runs to work on my ability to suffer for an extended period of time. I also would try to go on long mountain bike rides as well.  In actuality, the training was pretty fun because I got to go play outside all the time and call it “training.”
Also in preparation for the triathlon, I decided to compete in both the biking and trailing running events in the Teton Pass Kicker on Phillips ridge.  I did the 25-mile bike ride on Saturday and the 13-mile trail run on Sunday.  I am glad I competed in these events in preparation because I was able to gauge what my fitness level actually was compared to other athletes and I was able to figure out how to compete in an endurance race without completely bonking at the beginning.  
Some noteworthy moments during training include my first swimming experience at the rec center when I almost drown, my first multiple activity day when I thought my legs were going to collapse, and trying to “run up” the middle and the south Teton on a few hours of sleep completely exhausted from training days prior.  
Some noteworthy moments during the race include simply finishing the swim, getting a flat tire at the beginning of the bike ride and then sprinting for 15 miles on my bike try to catch up with everyone, and eating so much fried chicken after the race was over.  
Paul getting it done!
Thanks to Wright Training for the support and making me strong.  Throughout the race there was a little voice in the back of my head that was saying, “oh you’re tired?  Shut up and keep going.  I tell you when you can stop”.   For some reason that voice sounded a lot like Crystal’s.  


Friday, November 9, 2012


Sand bag cleans
W.U.  7min step-ups with 25# pack / 3x BBC - barbell complex

5x front squat
30x jump rope
3x ride it down stretch

6x each side sand bag clean
8x burpees
3x shoulder dislocate

20sec work 10 sec rest of, lateral hop, high knees, wtd sit-up, kb clean

20sec each side bridge
10x each single arm crunch
20x back ext

Leg blaster masters!
W.U. 5 min SBGU / 5 min TGU

1) 6 MINI Leg Blasters
2 FULL Leg Blasters
30 sec rest between sets

20sec/20sec/ 10 sec rest
kb push press/ kb swing

skier hops                hop over sand bag
30 sec work              30 sec work
30 sec hold tuck    30 sec hold tuck
15 sec rest                 15 sec rest

KB swings

4) 1 ROUND
 45 sec each Jane Fonda

Thursday, November 1, 2012



W.U. 15, 10, 5 of each,  kb goblet squat, push-up, squat jump, sit-up

4x Curtis P's
30x mtn climbers
straddle stretch

8x each Single leg touch down
6x box jump
10x sit-ups

3) 10 ROUNDS - 1 every 60 sec
8x kb swings

4) 1 ROUND
Low back 20/20
hamstring hell 25x each leg


W.U. 15x each side Turkish Get Ups 

 Full Leg Blasters ( 20, 20, 20, 10 )
30 sec rest

mini leg blasters (10, 10, 10, 5 )
30 sec rest

10x plank walk-ups
10x sit-ups
10x slasher each side

30 sec skier hop / lateral jump
30 sec tuck hold
15 sec rest

4 Rounds
30 sec touch jump touch
30 sec tuck hold
15 sec rest

Jane Fonda
30 sec each

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ski/Snowboard Week 2

This week we progressed the leg blasters from 4 mini leg blasters to 6 mini leg blasters. We continued to focus on balancing and stabilizing the body through strength and endurance. I had the athletes do a timed work capacity to measure their core strength, upper body, agility and endurance. They will retest at the end of the 6 weeks to see how much they improve in those areas. Everyone pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and times ranged from 12 minutes to 26 minutes. It will be interesting to see how everyone improves.

Day 3
Brendan working through Kbell cleans!

5 min
Sandbag get-up/ 10 to 1 swings, pushups, sit-ups

6 rounds mini leg blasters

10x squats
10x alternating lunges
10x jump lunges
5x squat jumps
30 sec rest

8 rounds for time

20x hippity hops
6x push-ups
3x ea sbag get-up
8x wtd sit-up

3 rounds

20/20 low back
20/20 low back lunge
20x ea hamstring
Jamie perfecting his front squats

Day 4

100 step-ups/barbell complex

6 rounds

4x front squat
6x squat jump

6 rounds

8x kbell clean
10x bounds
10x sit-ups

6 rounds

10xea rows
6x alligator push-up
3x shoulder dislocate

Jane Fonda 30 sec

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Step-ups and Ladder drills
The first week of ski/snowboard fitness is complete! Day 1 was a combination between work capacity and leg blasters. I started everyone with a tough work capacity with 8 stations of 1 minute intervals involving core, agility and endurance. This is a great starting point for everyone to measure their beginning fitness entering the class. The second half we focused on the eccentric and concentric loading of the legs through the leg blaster. This exercise will progress over the next 6 weeks starting with 4 mini leg blasters and progressing to 6 full leg blasters by the end. Day 2 I worked on a combination of power through the box jump and strengthening the upper body and hamstrings. The upper body sometimes tends to get neglected when training for skiing, but it is very important for injury prevention.


floor ladder 5min
step ups 5min

1) 8 stations / 2 Rounds
1 min each
dot drill
sled push
ball slam
lateral box
jump rope
bosu burpee
dumb bell crawl
kb swings
2 min rest

mini leg blaster
10x air squats
10x alternating lunges
10x jump lunges
5x squat jumps
15 sec rest

20x deadbug
45 sec plank
10x russian twist
20x opp arm/leg



10 to 1 sit-ups squats push-ups

4x each single leg deadlift with kb
6x box jump
quad stretch

4x Mr. Spec
6x burpee no push-up
shoulder dislocate

3x pull-ups
3x kb press
4x clapping push-up
straddle stretch

Jane Fonda 30 sec each movement

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ski/Snowboard Fitness 2012!!

When:  October 15 to November 21 (Nov 27 for Tue and Thursday classes) 12 classes!

Times: Tuesday and Thursday 815 am, 115 pm and 730 pm
              Monday and Wednesdays at 830 am and 730 pm

Cost: $156

This will focus on stabilization, injury prevention, agility and endurance to get you as prepared for the the winter season as possible.
Feel free to contact Crystal with more info.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bike Training Week 4 !

I have missed posts the last 2 weeks due to my injury on a bike! So here we are week 4 and with only one week of mountain, downhill and cycling class to go! This week I really started to notice the strength differences in all the athletes, everyone is really starting gain more strength in the shoulders, core, legs and low back. Day one this week we focused on strength working on low back, power and shoulder and upper back strength. It is amazing how tight all of us get through our front body from all of our sports and daily work. Day 2 we did some endurance and interval training, this is where I really noticed a change in everyones endurance and ability to push themselves for longer periods of time.
Kelsey doing cleans

Day 1


3 rounds

200m run
10x OHS
3x shoulder dislocate
Kathy doing hippity hops! Great for pedal power!

6 rounds

10x lateral raise w/twist
10x sit-ups
quad stretch

6 rounds

6x deadlift
6x push press
downward dog

6 rounds

6x hang clean
10x borad jumps
hs stretch

Jane fonda

Day 2

100 step-ups/ladder drill

5 rounds 20 sec work 10 sec rest

swings, situps, pushups, squat jumps

30 20 10

sprints, rows, back extension, goblet squat, touch jump touch

3 rounds

10x wtd situp
10x russian twist
20/20 side plank

40x flutter kick

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mountain bike, Cycling and Downhill fitness week 1!

This week was the first week of bike fitness and we did one day of strength and one day of work capacity.Tuesday we focused on strength and the main  lift that we focuses on was front squats. I recorded everyones weight and at the end of the 10 sessions we will track the progress. The front squat is very core intensive and important in quad, low back and hamstring strength. On thursday I had a test that measured strength and endurance in relation to cardio base, power and pedal strength. The test took about 10 to 15 minutes and was done as fast as possible, again we will retest this at the end of the month.

Kathy doing Hippity Hops!

Day 1

w.u. 5 minutes sand bad get-ups

6 rounds

4x front squat
10xea side kick
pigeon stretch

6 rounds

8xea rows
10x shrugs
3 x shoulder dislocate

6 rounds

8x clean
8x swings
straddle stretch

Jane Fonda 45 sec

Day 2

w.u. Agility ladder and Turkish getups 5 min each

Rachel working on her front squat
6 RFT (rounds for time)

10x hippity hops
3x ea sand bag cleans
6x weighted sit-ups
run 100m

10 min as many rounds as possible

8x swings
4x inchworm
6x touch jump touch
6x push press

3 rounds

20/20/20 low back complex
10x bird dog
10x IOs

20x heels to sky

Monday, April 9, 2012

May mountain biking, cycling and downhill biking cross training!

When: starts Tuesday May 1 to Thursday May 31st.

Times: Tuesday and Thursdays at either 815 am, 115 pm or 715 pm.

Cost: $130 for 10 classes! Or 15 for a dropin. ( pro rating available.)

About: This class is meant to get you stronger for bike season. It will make you feel ready when the season gets in full swing! It will also help with injury prevention, chronic pain and strength for riding. This will be a great class to compliment current riding as well! Email me with questions!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Downhill, cycling and Mt bike training!

Cross training for biking is incredibly important for injury prevention, physical and mental conditioning. A lot of people just bike to get in shape for biking season, which is good but not enough. When only biking the same muscles become overused and important muscles take the back seat to the bigger and stronger muscle groups. For example biking is very quad intensive and the hamstrings tend to be neglected. Also the Gluteus Medias an important stabilizer muscle in the Hip complex tends to be weakened because of the over powering minimus and maximus. This can lead to low back pain, incredibley tight IT bands and could even cause knee pain. Also doing a lot of biking can be hard on the upper body as well, opening up the chest, strengthening certain muscles can really help alleviate chronic pain and prevent injury. Strengthening the core can help with more power on the bike and less back pain. The core also helps support the rest of your body, if it is strong then the rest of your muscles do not have to work as hard.

Injury prevention is also key to success in professional sport and recreational. Nobody wants to be injured or likes to be injured. The main thing is people do not realize that about 30 percent of injuries sustained through sport can be prevented through training. The popularity of downhill biking has grown and it is very rare that the recreational riders train for their extreme sport. Injury is incredibly common through this sport and even though the rider spends majority of their time riding downhill it takes incredible strength, endurance and stamina to downhill bike. The injury rate is highest in this biking sport due to the extreme aspect of it as well as the lack of cross training amongst the riders. Strength training no matter if you are a cylclist, Mt biker or a downhill biker will make you feel better while riding help prevent injury and lastly will make you a stronger biker mentally and physically!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Heart Rate and reaching a steady state!

Single Leg Deadlift

This week we did one session of work capacity, where the athlete pushes themselves as close to their max heart rate ( which is 220 minus age, standard deviation of plus or minus 10) for a certain amount of time and having the athletes try and keep their heart rate at a steady state within 5 beats for an entire 15 minutes. The athlete might have had to stop or speed up to keep their heart rate within those 5 beats. The more conditioned the person is the easier it is for them to reach a steady state and also stay there. The definition of steady state is the condition of a system or physiological function that remains relatively constant. For example after a few minutes of submaximal exercise the person reaches state when the heart rate and oxygen tend to remain constant. Usually someone that is trained has a lower steady state than someone that is untrained.


w.u. Ladder

20 minutes staying at steady state as many rounds as possible

10x box jump
20x step-ups
10x swings
10x jingle jangles
10x push- press


6 rounds

8x ea single leg deadlift
6x ea single leg touch
angel stretch

2 rounds

45 sec Jane fonda

Friday, January 20, 2012

Work Capacity and recovery!!

This week the workouts included back to back work capacity sessions to help with faster recovery and mental toughness. It has been really rewarding to see all the athletes continue to progress and maintain base fitness. It is so important especially during the ski season to maintain functional movement to prevent injury and stay strong for winter activities!

Day 1

w.u. 10 min agility ladder

AMRAP 10 min

8x sandbag clean and run
30x jump rope
10x WTD sit-up
8x swing

5 rounds for time

6x hang clean
6x shuffle
10x hippity hops
6x burpees

3 rounds

10x sbag half moon
10x kneeling slasher
8x ea single leg squat
10x deadbug

Day 2

w.u. 5 min sbag get-ups

10 min

4x sandbag run
30x step-ups
30x high knees
20x bounds

2 rounds

1 min jump lunge
1 min kbell clean and press
1 min sled push
1 min pike

10 rounds


2 rounds

jane fonda